• THE CALLAHAN CODE (ONE HOUR THRILLER DRAMA) – A disabled single mother joins a group of disabled vigilantes who escaped from an underground organization that illegally experiments on humans. Her mission becomes personal when she discovers the leader of the organization is the ex-boyfriend who raped her. WORK IN PROGRESS.
  • SPOKES OF LOVE (ONE HOUR FANTASY DRAMA) – When Avery Pruitt, a 27-year-old graduate journalism student with cerebral palsy, faces the daunting task of writing a relationship advice blog despite never having been in a romantic relationship, she receives guidance from an unexpected source: Ethan, her younger brother’s imaginary friend. MFA THESIS PROJECT.
  • COOPERATIVELY YOURS (HALF HOUR SINGLE CAMERA COMEDY) – Follow a group of college students who live and work in the student co-ops, a student-run, low cost, affordable housing system, where relationship drama, maintenance catastrophes and budget cuts ensue.
  • MENTORS Co-written with Cecilia Osornia (ONE HOUR SUPERNATURAL DRAMA) – The human population has been cursed by higher beings, granting certain people known as Astrumi unique abilities. Cassandra “Cass” Coleman, Ian Huntsman and Wallace “Wally” Rutherford III, three individuals who have learned to control their new found powers, struggle to prevent the spread of the curse in others while guiding younger Astrumi to follow in their footsteps.
  • CATCH Co-written with Cecilia Osornia (ONE HOUR SCI-FI/CRIME/MYSTERY DRAMA) –  Synopsis coming soon. WORK IN PROGRESS


  • ELEMENTARY “THE FAIRY TALE KILLER” (ONE HOUR DRAMA SPEC) – Sherlock and Joan investigate the mysterious disappearances of two college-age girls after fairytale related clues are left at each crime scene. Meanwhile, Joan reconnects with a childhood friend who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  • THE AMERICANS “INDECENT BEHAVIOR” (ONE HOUR DRAMA SPEC) – Philip and Elizabeth seek out a KGB agent in a psychiatric facility for information on classified files. Meanwhile, in an attempt to fit in with the “cool” kids at school, Paige decides to take on a new identity.


  • MADISON (ROMANCE DRAMA) – Lizzie, a college senior with cerebral palsy, and Kevin, an able-bodied graduate student, whose romantic trials and tribulations are shown through a series of flash forward sequences, make an unexpected yet meaningful connection due to a chance encounter at their university bookstore.
  • FILTER (FAMILY DRAMA) – Two step-siblings, Abby and Hunter, form a closer bond after their mother’s death.


  • MENTORS: THE NOVEL SERIES (co-written with Cecilia Osornia) – Novel series adaptation of the TV pilot. WORK IN PROGRESS.
  • CALLING ME HOME: A MENTORS NOVELLA – Hushed secrets. A dark, unfathomable future. When twenty-year-old Amy, a young empath with cerebral palsy, goes back in time to save her biological parents – the family she’s never met – the timeline of the world she grew up in hangs precariously in the balance. PARANORMAL FANTASY. SECOND DRAFT COMPLETE AT 23K.
  • EVERYTHING SURROUNDING US: A MENTORS NOVELLA – First novella in the Destiny Rising trilogy series. The origin story of Cassandra Coleman, Ian Huntsman and Wallace Rutherford III and the supernatural circumstances that bring them together. PARANORMAL FANTASY. FIRST DRAFT COMPLETE AT 23.5K.
  • DESTINY RISING: A MENTORS NOVELLA – Second novella in the Destiny Rising trilogy series. Cass and her partners, Wally and Ian, discover that their unborn daughter, Amy, is part of a mysterious prophecy, which will determine her destiny and the outcome of the future. Meanwhile, Dana, an old friend from Cass’s past, shows up in San Francisco with her five-year-old son, Logan.
    Years later, Amy’s girlfriend, Fiona, is kidnapped by the Supreme, an elite group of individuals with supernatural abilities. Amy is determined to save her and fulfill her pre-determined destiny. But someone from Amy’s past may have other plans in mind.  PARANORMAL FANTASY. FIRST DRAFT COMPLETE AT JUST UNDER 41K.
  • LEADING TO YOU: A MENTORS NOVELLA – Third and final novella in the Destiny Rising trilogy series. Refusing to accept Charlie’s fate, Parker and his niece, Amy, travel into several different alternate universes as an attempt to save Charlie’s life and encounter some surprising obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, new revelations emerge from Fiona’s past that may very well threaten her future with Amy. PARANORMAL FANTASY. ON HIATUS.
  • DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES (WORKING TITLE) NOVEL – Lexie, a paraplegic journalist, is on the hunt for serial killer Faber Donovan, a man who always seems to be one step ahead of her, but knows hushed secrets about her tumultuous past. SUSPENSE/THRILLER. ON HIATUS.
  • SPOKES OF LOVE NOVEL – Novel adaptation of my MFA thesis project. PARANORMAL FANTASY. ON HIATUS.
  • MERIDIAN (WORKING TITLE) NOVEL – A supernatural phenomenon known as the Meridian creates a ripple through Earth, granting ordinary human beings extraordinary powers. The two factions of supernatural beings come to be known as the Sentinels and the Coterie. The Sentinels and the Coterie exist in two parallel universes. As the daughter of three powerful Sentinels, Emery Rasmussen, a twenty-five-year-old graduate student and empath with cerebral palsy, always knew she was different. But everything changes when she meets Tess Geraldi, a mysterious siren girl in her vivid dreams. As Tess and Emery’s connection intensifies, the two universes start to bleed together and Emery begins to question if Tess is the key to solving this calamity. Desperate for answers, she ventures into the Splice, the space between the two universes where chaos reigns, to find out the truth. PARANORMAL FANTASY. FIRST DRAFT IN PROGRESS.


  1. emartinolson says:

    Hi there cherrylara,
    My favorite cartoonist-animator Julietta Colas sent me a link to your writing thinking I might enjoy it. I do! Just saying hello and a good word on your blog. Colas also gave me your email which I’ll cc to. Happy Thanksgiving!
    kind regards, Martin Olson

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